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Wedding Metal Prints!


What Are Metal Prints and Why Work With US?

First of all our metal prints come in 3 sizes. A3*, A4** and A5***

They are made from special coated metal sheets. Images are printed off, then heat pressed - permanently bonding the ink - onto the metal. This serves to make the colours of high quality images pop out at you with a beautiful shine and also makes them fade and scratch resistant.

The A3 and A4 metal prints are then fixed to wooden backing, along with mounts, for hanging on the wall, and buffers at the bottom, to give a floating off the wall effect.

The A5 metal prints come with an easel to stand them on. They look good on any flat surface such as a mantlepiece, an office desk or wall shelf.

You sell to your clients for a profit without having to do much other than upload your order to us. We can send direct to your client (without branding included) OR we send to you first.

Watch this video to meet us and see the products!

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*The A3 metal prints are just slightly smaller than A3. (Actual size is 405x283mm each)

**The A4 metal prints are just slightly smaller than A4. (Actual size is 283x197mm each)

***The A5 metal prints are just slightly smaller than A5. (Actual size is 197x141mm each)